Developer Downloads

Download Schema Packages, XSL stylesheets and the monthly Embargoed files.

The Department of Health and Aged Care is modernising the consumption and data distribution model for the monthly PBS Schedule data. In the future, PBS Schedule data will be distributed in a relational format that is more readily consumable and predictable. The Department will cease to provide ALL existing forms of data currently distributed to vendors at an agreed point in time.

More information is available on the PBS Data Distribution Project page.

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PBS Schedule

The Department of Health publishes the PBS Schedule on the first day of every month in a variety of electronic formats, including;

XML Schema

The PBS XML Schema is released in a distribution package. The package contains the (normative) RELAX-NG schema, (non-normative) versions of the schema in RELAX-NG compact format and W3C XML Schemas format, support files, sample instance documents and documentation.

XSL Stylesheets

XSL stylesheets are provided to transform PBS XML v2.12 to text extracts. The XSL stylesheets will not work with version 3.0 PBS XML.

Text Extracts

Text Extracts derived directly from the v3.0 PBS XML. 

Text Extracts derived directly from the v2.12 PBS XML.

Chemotherapy Compounding Payment Scheme

The Compounder ID file will be published when changes have occurred.

Embargoed files (early access)

The PBS data files are also available for download from the PBS Developers website approximately four (4) weeks prior to a new Schedule’s date of effect.

These embargoed files can only be accessed from the secure section of the PBS Developers website. Access to the embargo content is at the discretion of the Department of Health and Aged Care and is only provided to Software Developers for the purposes of updating prescribing, dispensing and claiming software.

To apply for early access to PBS data please complete the  Application for early access to monthly file updates. By completing the access form you accept that access may be revoked if the embargo conditions are not strictly observed.

Embargo Access